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About Start List

To be part of the Crobin team and get on the Start List, you must be someone who:

  • Is an NFT enthusiast and consistently participates in NFT giveaways.
  • Have 100 or more Twitter followers.

We're gathering 1,000 Crobins for the Start List, who will choose from a list of exciting NFT projects the best one (Once a month in the beginning).

Each Crobin votes for one project, and we determine the winner and start the promo campaign for a week. (approximate reach is up to 1 million Twitter users).

The winning project gets a lot of attention. Cryptohood Club does not ask the project to pay for promo, we don't charge money, but we ask to share their NFT and White List spots. In addition, those Crobins who assisted with the campaign will take part in a drawing to get Free NFT and White List spots.

Who benefits from this?

Firstly, NFT enthusiasts have the opportunity to get new NFTs and White Lists for free.

Secondly, the NFT team gets an excellent springboard to take off their collection in the cryptoworld.

Why do NFT projects need this?

Imagine there is an exciting team, but they have no community and no money for promoters (by the way, hiring promoters is not always a good idea). What can this type of team do? First, of course, go to CryptoHood Club.

So, CryptoHood is a brotherhood that reinvents promotion and brings fresh air into the atmosphere of the NFT world. Your Crobin NFT is a lifetime ticket to private and fun new NFT giveaways.

We're not looking for giant Twitter whales; we're looking for those who want to win. Together we will be a force.

Join us! All questions on Twitter or Discord.