How do I get the Start List?



Cryptohood Club is a brotherhood of crypto ambassadors. 10k enthusiasts (Crobins) who focused on NFT mass adoption and ecosystem development. Our goal is that your grandma would mint NFT and load her wallet with crypto tokens (some people doubt it’s possible, let’s try).

Our plans

  • Boost NFT - spreading the word about interesting NFT projects and artists for free (no charging money for mass promo). Apply now to be part of that exciting action.
  • NFT ecosystem development through creating tools, platforms, and approaches
  • Anti-scammers awareness projects

Values of CrobinNation

  • Discussion and evaluation of new NFT collections
  • Minimize mistakes while buying NFTs
  • Fellowship and NFT information exchange
  • Scammers alert database
  • Collaboration between projects

Each Crobin is a unique NFT that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Сrobin’s owner becomes a full member of CryptoHood Club with the right to vote for projects, unique utility, content, and experiences.

If you own a Crobin NFT you won't sell it, because it's your lifetime ticket (until blockchain, Crobins, human race exist) to exclusive and private NFT giveaways.

Our contract uses ERC721A, which makes minting optimized. As a result, the gas fee for one mint and five mints are nearly the same

Road Map

Phase 1

Start List

Phase 1

Start List

1000 Crobins NFT

Who can qualify

  • NFT enthusiast
  • Participate in NFT giveaways on a regular basis
  • Has more than 100 followers on Twitter (real users)

In Start List, people will be chosen by personal interview/chat or through the recommendation of listed participants (Future Crobins).

So our goal is to fill up that 1000 Start List with the right people and start to select, vote, and promote interesting NFT projects for free.

Recruiting for Start List - In progress

Website launch - Completed

Social Media (Twitter, Discord, Instagram) - Completed

Phase 2

Other Lists

Phase 2

Other Lists

Start List is in a proof of concept stage for us. If that’s successful we will proceed to next Lists.

  • “I want too” List
  • Happy List
  • Wow List
  • Last Chance List



Why CryptoHood Club NFT’s?

Crobins are unique and decentralized NFT art. That NFT makes its holder a member of CryptoHood Club and allows them to get all the benefits, rewards, giveaways, and to have a vote and be part of DAO. CHC project is not a JPEG NFT project, we plan to build an awesome Crobins community.

What is the total supply?

There will be 10,000 unique Crobins in existence.

What is Crobin?

Crobin is a resident of Cryptohood Club. NFT enthusiast and supporter.

What does my Crobin NFT get me?

Minting or purchasing a Crobin gets you 1 unique NFT, a ticket to all future projects, White Lists, access to the virtual Pub, exclusive rights to your CryptoHood Club artwork, exclusive access to merchandise, and a pass to all things announced and unannounced within our roadmap! Also you can vote for interesting NFT projects and win giveaways.

Where does my NFT go after I purchase a Crobin?

Your CryptoHood Club NFT will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the Crobin. You can see Crobin on your profile on OpenSea.

Are CryptoHood Club NFTs actually decentralized?

Yes. Unlike many recent popular NFT projects, Crobin NFT metadata and art is hosted on IPFS and are not routed through a centralized gateway. This is the most decentralized approach and the gold standard for NFTs.

How does The CHC DAO work?

We will provide more information soon, please stay tuned. Thanks

My question is not listed here?

Come join us in the Discord where we’ll gladly answer any questions you may still have!